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We have made it our goal to always operate with a quality foundation of unwavering ethics and superior workmanship. Carter’s Pump & Well Service is a member of the National Ground Water Association, an association that helps keep our services going strong.

Our company is a key dealer of Franklin Electric, Sta-Rite, Goulds, Red Jacket, Myers, Grundfos pumps and numerous other products. We use the best equipment on the market, including energy-saving equipment like constant pressure systems.

We’ve even earned awards from many respectable sources.


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Professional Pump & Well Services:

  •    24-hour emergency service
  •    Water softening and conditioning
  •    Iron filtration
  •    Well repairs, replacement, installation and maintenance
  •    Septic tank and pump service
  •    Lift station repair
  •    Pressure switch service
  •    Water filtration
  •    Pump repair, replacement, installation and maintenance
  •    Submersible pump service
  •    Booster pump service


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Common Pump and Well Issues

Water wells and the pumps that supply households with water year-round, are not immune to wear and tear, breakdowns, malfunctions, cracks, holes and mechanical failure. A well may seem like just a big, deep hole in the ground but it must be properly sealed off from ground contaminants and surface water and the pump must be installed correctly, so water is pumped at the right pressure and frequency.

The well casing that protects the water from the earth and makes up much of the structure of the well may develop cracks or small holes over time, allowing unfavorable or dangerous substances to enter the water supply. The pump might suffer a mechanical issue that causes it to lose its pumping ability, or the signals sent by the pressure switch might get muffled because the pressure switch requires replacement.

The actual issues may vary quite a bit, but the end result is typically no water being pumped into the house, water being pumped under low pressure or contaminated water coming from the well. Any one of these problems is enough to facilitate a service call to diagnose the problem in greater detail. A household can’t go without water for very long, and if the water is contaminated the people in the house may not be able to use it anyway. Quick action is required before the problem escalates or a family member becomes sick from consuming the water.

Well Pump Quick Repair Services Brooksville,Fl

Does Your Well Pump Need a Quick Repair?

The pump is what gets the water from down deep in the well, out of the well and into your home. It is imperative for the pump to run smoothly and without issue, or your water supply will literally be cut off. Sometimes, the pump may be acting up and not performing correctly, but the pressure switch is causing the underlying problem. A damaged or malfunctioning pressure switch can cause your pump to lose its consistency and start acting erratically. Sometimes, the pump will cycle on and off on its own, or it will cut out when you need a steady stream of high-pressure water in the house. Quite often, these pump issues can be corrected with a quick repair, so don’t hesitate to call if it starts behaving poorly.

Bennefits of Experienced Services Brooksville,Fl

The Benefits of Experienced Service

Whether you need a new installation, repairs, full replacement or ongoing maintenance, hiring experienced professionals is the only way to go. With a system as intricate and temperamental as a well and pump system, it requires experience to deliver the kind of service you need. When you hire a reputable service provider, you’ll get technicians that have the expertise required to do the job right, who are familiar with the manufacturers and who excel at superior customer service.


Regular Maintenance Goes a Long Way

Being able to call and have a pressure switch replaced, or some other element of your pump and well system repaired is a huge benefit, but many repairs can be avoided altogether with regular maintenance checks. It’s easy to slack when it comes to maintenance, especially if the well and pump are functioning without issue, but sooner or later it will come back to bite you.

When you schedule regular maintenance on your pumps, well and septic system, you’ll have a much better chance of avoiding a costly repair, and you’ll probably extend the life of your equipment, delaying replacement. Sometimes, spending a little now ends up saving a lot down the road.


Regular Maintenance Services Brooksville,Fl

All It Takes Is One Phone Call

If you’ve been having water pump or well issues in Brooksville, FL and the surrounding area, call (352) 799-1548 today for a fast, reliable solution. Carter’s Pump & Well Service will send a technician to assess your issue and provide an affordable solution. Click here for access to online sales and specials.